Sunday, April 21, 2013

Making, and Playing, and Kids... Oh my!

This past Saturday was really fun, getting to hang out with the kids and watch what they created. I've been trying to process it all and think about themes or even case studies that stood out to me. For now- I'll make a list.

- It was interesting to me how every kid seemed to undergo a different process to create. I noticed that some of our friends found items arbitrarily and collected them solely based (at least it seems to me) on aesthetic value, texture, or function. After they collected their items they decided what they would make. There were others who found a couple of objects as inspiration for what to make, and went ahead and started their creation rather than collect all of their materials first. They would create, then go back to the table for more supplies, go back and keep working, etc.

- It was interesting that to me one of our friends made things solely for others at the start. The first 2-3 items she made were for someone else, not for herself.

- Some of the kids made things that have usefulness in a normative sense (a scale, a doll, a dollhouse, a puppet), and others who made more imaginative creations (a rain maker, a roller coaster, a bed). 

- Every single kid made something different to start. Only after one friend made a rain stick did then others copy her. But even still, everyone made something original.

- Few kids asked for help in coming up with something to create; in fact, no one that I know of asked for help. One friend got help because he didn't seem to be making anything, but overall I saw and heard no kid ask what should I make? Rather, all of the help asked for was more for practical help- like cutting this or holding that. 

I'm sure there is so much more that I could talk about, but for now, these are the things that really stood out to me.  

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